Who’s playing this year?

Saturday Cozy Powell Stage

8.45 – 10.00pm. The Los Palmas 6 are a Madness Tribute with roots in the original band: Sax player Steve Turner played sax and recorded with Madness for over 8 years.

The other musicians in Los Palmas 6 are also top class musicians with experience in world tours and major festivals and have also played and recorded with other Ska and Punk giants such as Bad Manners, The UK Subs, Peter and the Test Tube babies, The Hotknives and The Lee Thompson Ska Orchestra.

Find out more here.

Little Red Kings7.15 – 8pm Little Red Kings are a group of five dedicated musicians based around Norwich, Norfolk. Each with their own history of touring with successful bands. A vision of alternative roots rock brought the five band members together, and with a powerful live show they haven’t looked back. Their music combines a gritty roots quality, reminiscent of British classic blues rock bands of the 70’s, with strong melodies and elements of modern alternative rock.

Harpers Ferry5.55 – 6.35pm Harpers Ferry are a Gloucestershire-based five-piece folk rock band. Formed in 2013 by Ben Harvey, Pia Varma and Christopher Rayner, and recently joined by Simon Frankton on bass and Oliver Court on drums, the band has already begun to make a name for themselves on UK the folk circuit. The band combines the story-telling ethos of artists from the 60s and 70s, with a modern Americana flavour. Since recording their self-titled debut EP with The Record Label, the band has made stellar appearances at the Phoenix Festival, Moseley Folk Festival and the Birmingham Jazz and Blues Festival, as well as garnering incredible hometown support in venues across Gloucestershire. Although the band will soon be heading back to the studio to work with award winning producer James Towler, they still have big plans for 2017 live performances. With their latest single ‘What to Believe,’ the band has enjoyed rave reviews for their unique sound and heartfelt lyrics.

Ken Wood & the Mixers4.45 – 5.15pm Ken Wood & the Mixers. Like Lee Brilleaux meets Steve Cropper on a stormy night, KWTM move from the pounding R’n’B of the 1940s to the smouldering sounds of Stax. RnB, soul, ska, swing, blues and everything in between. A dynamic, all-action stage show the band recreates the original spirit of the legendary singers and foot-stomping classics that sound-tracked a generation. Not a dry sock in the house. More fun than at which you, a stick, can shake.

Opusweed3.35 – 4.05pm Opusweed are essentially a Hawkwind tribute band who play their own versions of Hawkwind space rock classics, who we supported a few years ago. We invite local dancers to join us and have a good following. We played at phoenix festival a few years ago, and loved playing to people in our local town. We can’t wait to come and entertain Cirencester again.


Felix and the Funk

2.25 – 2.55pm Felix and the Funk are based up the road in Swindon and have been together for three years, building a fantastic reputation in the South West and performing a set full of the very best dance/Funk tunes written.



The Daniel Billing Band1.15 – 1.45pm The Daniel Billing Band is an original, fast paced Folk Rock band from Cirencester who specialize in telling stories and getting people dancing! With a unique sound combining rock, folk, roots and bluegrass infused sounds and catchy songs we enjoy nothing more than playing lively interesting shows. We formed in Late 2015 and since then have played festivals and venues all over the UK, but we always come home to Ciren!

Syren Alternative Belly Dancers12.05 – 12.35pm Syren Alternative Belly Dancers. Six ladies from Cheltenham make up Syren. Their performances are a little different as they perform to all kinds of music, from Marilyn Manson to Nickelback, Industrial to Dance. They regularly perform at festivals, corporate, music functions and they travel all over South West England for various events. Please do get in touch via the website or via www.facebook.com/SyrenBellyDancers page.

Saturday Vaults Stage

Named after Cirencester’s favourite music venue!

8.05 – 8.40pm Mark M (In his own words) “So yes, I’m a DJ at the ripe young age of 45 and have two children. I started DJ’ing in 1992 playing house hits on a big ghetto blaster in the streets of Tetbury when I was 16, so dance music has always been an influence and probably Run DMC was the introduction to the mixed rock with beats. I played at the Rock Café in Cirencester on a Thursday thanks to Richie D. Made mix tapes and started getting a name in Tetbury for “being a DJ”. My first major gig was straight out of my bedroom and into the Ministry of Sound. I wasn’t scared much and my first record played there was Rozella “Everybody’s Free” as I remember this tune from raves was a little bit of relief from the noisy hardcore that was happening. That night was organised by a local Tetbury collective called “Love It”. After this the DJ’ing world was opened up and I secured a residency at the infamous tunnel house parties where we resided from 1994 – 2002. We had a monthly slot here with 3 – 600 people every month from all over here would turn up and people as far as London/Manchester/oxford had heard of these and attended, it really was a culture. I have DJ’ed Ibiza and universities all across the UK and moved down to London for 4 years where I got a regular spot at a night called Trinity and played alongside the likes of John 00 Fleming, Judge Jules, Spoony etc. I have played at 17 Black/ Bar Code/ nearly all clubs in and around the area. My music is anything from old school house music through the ages up until Ibiza trance etc.”

6.40 – 7.10pm Subduction  We are ‘SUBDUCTION’, a five-piece band from Stroud, Gloucester And Cheltenham. Our roots are a reggae based, with Rock, Jazz, Ska and Latin flavours, blended together to create a unique and exhilarating sound. This is reggae, but not as you know it. We call it Hybrid-Reggae-Fusion. Original, ‘Rocky’, ‘Dubby’, Conscious, high energy music with a twist and a kick like a mule. This is no ordinary reggae band…

5.20 – 5.50pm Subslider  is a three-piece Cirencester band playing original rock songs with recent album released. Now in their 20th year as a band and more new songs added into the mix, they are really looking forward to playing at this year’s Phoenix festival.

4.10 – 4.40pm The Choosy Pickers (AKA John Dunne and Ade Keefe) are a highly experienced multi-instrumental duo based in the Stroud, Gloucestershire area, playing acoustic covers from the last five decades, with a professional, fun, eclectic and slightly different take on some old favourites.

3.00 – 3.30pm Young Rosie We at Young Rosie formed as 3 great friends with a thrive for live music. We always get the crowd going and put on energetic and lively performances. Through the years of playing music together we have created a popular name for ourselves in the local area. We are always up for a party, and make sure our audience comes along for the ride!

1.50 – 2.20pm Dirty Old Boots

12.40 – 1.10pm The Basement Blues Collective – If you come from Cirencester and you haven’t seen Andy Ward and his band of merry music makers, then you probably haven’t left the house for the past 10 years – if that’s the case, welcome!

Sunday Cozy Powell Stage…

8.45 – 10.00pm We have David Live one of the, if not the, best Bowie tribute acts in the UK – but don’t take our word for it:

“I saw [DavidLive] at Goodwood Revival and they were fantastic!”
Chris Evans BBC Radio 2.

David Live Bowie Tribute

You can find out more about David Live here.

Tenth Electric7.15 – 8pm Tenth Electric are an award winning electronic rock group from London, UK, who by combining modern synthesized sounds with classic rock riffs and catchy melodies, have created a unique and definite style. Their ferocious live sound is supported with well-crafted songs, great vocals, and an ability to captivate audiences.

Having split from their bassist in favour of synthesized bass, the band has created a high energy and slick live set with Luke Mitchell (vocals), Max Honsinger (keys/backing vocals/bass synth), Mose Tronci (guitar) and Luigi Asquini (drums/backing vocals).

Tenth Electric have released 2 EP’s that demonstrate a clear progression from a pop/synthesized sound to a harder, rockier sound, with two singles – ‘Grenade’ and ‘Hell & High Water’ both released to critical acclaim. But beyond riffs and pop hooks, their lyrical content touches on a wide range of personal and social themes.

The band deliver a ferociously energetic live performance, and have played numerous high profile shows, including support slots for Squeeze, Scroobius Pip, and Toesland. Venues of note include sold out shows at Looe Music Festival, Kensington Roof Gardens, London’s Cargo, Proud Galleries, Dingwalls, the O2 Academy Islington and The Dublin Castle.

Tenth Electric are on tour promoting their 3rd EP ‘Burn’, which is out now, backed by their first single, ‘Lie to Me’ as played by Gary Crowley on BBC Introducing London.

George Montague and his Notsobigband

5.55 – 6.35pm George Montague and his NotSoBigBand – Ingenious singer songwriter multi-instrumentalist George Montague is an exceptional musician with immense energy, and countless contagious original songs. Playing piano and guitar, George is known for entertaining and rousing enthusiastic audiences in uplifting song with his versatile vocals. George enhances his phenomenal live shows by featuring live-looping vocal harmonies and beatboxing, creating remarkable hooks to accompany his abiding melodies producing dynamic performances, solo or with his notsobigband. The full richness of George Montague’s undaunted and intelligent play with a myriad of musical textures can be experienced on his captivating and extraordinarily ear-catching new album ‘Curiouser and Curiouser George’

Spiral Key4.45 – 5.15pm Spiral Key At the 2016 Festival, Spiral Key were the band behind Chris Allan’s OCTOPUSS ‘Cozy Powell Tribute’ show, so you’ve seen us perform before. Essentially, Chris is our drummer, Chris put together the Octopuss Show and used Spiral Key as musicians along with Henry Rundell as additional vocals. Spiral Key are preparing a new album which we plan to have released by the time of the 2017 Phoenix Festival. However, we have a previous album that you can listen to throughout, and a professionally shot performance video that you can view, both easily available on the internet.

Jenny Darren and the Lady Killers3.35 – 4.05pm Jenny Darren and The Lady Killers. Vocalist Jenny Darren will be releasing her eighth album to date in late May of 2017. Her new album consists of a plethora of many great players. However, her new gigging/touring Band are ALL local based Cirencester musicians. They are: Rupert James Irving (drums) J Evans (guitar) Alun Roberts (Bass) & Jo Ward (keyboards) Darren found them quite by chance via Rupert James Irving, when she came to watch a Dealer gig in November of last year. Thinking what a great drummer he was, she contacted Rupert, who then introduced Al & Jo into the mix. Hence, the NEW Ladykillers band arrived! JD & the Ladykillers play an “exciting” mix of both original & unique covers material e.g. ” Ladykiller,” & Heartbreaker, which was written for her, but unfortunately American Rock singer ” Pat Benatar” pipped her to the post with a single release. Jenny has also re-recorded two versions of Heartbreaker on her new album, plus another version of Ladykiller. The band play amazing versions of ” Ride like the wind”, & the sixties Bobby Gentry song – ” Ode to Billy Joe”. Jenny Darren is back with a GREAT album. A truly unique vocalist, with an equally fantastic unique band. Jenny & The Ladykillers Band will be recording a new album in the Autumn of 2017.