The “Let’s Play Music Stage” is unique.  It is not for experienced performers.  Many of our acts have never played on a stage before.  It is designed to inspire and motivate amateur musicians young and old to show off their talents in a safe warm encouraging environment.  Our acts range from 5 years old to over 70.

Under 16’s Musicians:

Let’s Play Music wanted to provide children with an opportunity that would encourage them to practice hard, to collaborate with other musicians and to give them an excellent experience playing at a festival with over 15000 people visiting over the two day event.  Such an experience can inspire young musicians to blossom, to work with other musicians and to excel in their chosen musical field.  We have had young acts that have put small bands together to play on our stage, others have played solo and been inspired to from musical groups.

Not every musician has endless confidence.  Our team works hard both on the day and in the lead up to make the journey of our acts as positive and reassuring as possible.  When an act arrive they are greeted by a member of our team and are given a clear brief of where they need to be and what to do.  Acts are grouped in 45 min sessions where all the friends and family of all the acts in that group are there to applaud and encourage everyone.

Adult Musicians:

Let’s Play Music wanted to inspire adult musicians who may only play at home or at local Open Mic Nights to step onto a larger stage designed to give them a safe and encouraging experience.  Such an experience can build confidence of a younger adult braving a stage for the first time and can be an incredible achievement to any adult who never thought they would ever be able to do such a thing.

How do we get acts:

By the nature of the acts we are looking for they will not have websites or be promoting themselves online.  We find our musicians using our website, social media and visiting schools and talking in their school assemblies.  We also visit many open mic nights around the area on a regular basis and encourage people to sign up.


  • 52 Acts Total over the two day event.
  • 28 Acts were 16 y/o or under = 53%
  • Youngest act, 5 y/o Nathan.
  • Oldest Act 73 Years, Julie.


  • 42 Acts Total over the two day event.
  • 21 Acts were 16 years or under = 50%
  • Youngest Act, 5 years Christopher.
  • 6 Acts had performers 60+ years.


We prioritise local performers.  The can be any age, play any instrument, and be any level of ability.  Experienced musicians will be encouraged to apply for the Vaults or Main stage.


Each year the Let’s Play Music Stage chooses 2 acts to be promoted to the Vaults stage and the Vaults stage promotes 2 to the Main stage.  In 2015, Tanis who was 16 years and Harry Smith 15 Years were promoted and they played the Vaults stage in 2016.  Both had an incredible experience and I know that Tanis has continued performing around the area since.  Last year we promoted Dirty Old Boots and The Barking Chickens onto the Vaults Stage.  Both these acts have musicians ranging from 40 years to late 50’s.

Stuart Elwin
Managing Director
Let’s Play Music Ltd
07816 900422